• Address:5860 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal
  • Working hours:17:00 - 22:00
  • Phone:(514) 484-9252
  • Email:info@etoiledesindes.com


  • Address:1806 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal
  • Working hours:11:30 - 23:00
  • Phone: (514) 932-8330
  • Email:info@etoiledesindes.com

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Star of India has been in Montreal for more than three decades. At that time frame, barely a few individuals and connoisseurs appreciated Indian cuisine. Nowadays, Indian cuisine is thriving in Montreal, because of its pioneering by few individual cuisines. One has to put “Star of India Restaurant” as one of the first runners, introducing Indian cuisine in Montreal’s Indian Restaurant Map. Our Menu offers a vast selection of traditional Indian dishes, with the accent on flavour. Whether you like your Indian mild, delicately spiced or hot, you will find exactly what you wish, because there is something for everybody at Star of India. If you are a Seafood lover, we can suggest fish and shrimp dishes; while for a Vegetarian, there are various choices of dishes and soups, all made with fresh vegetables from the market daily. As a dessert, we provide, as part of your meal, an authentic gulab jamoon – which is a rose flavoured 'dough nuts' served with its sauce. At Star of India, there is also a bar where you can choose from wine and beer options, like Cheetah and Cobra. You can be assured that you'll find the right drink to accompany your meal - whatever the occasion.


We are located in Montreal city

5864 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H4A 1X5 and
1806 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, Quebec H3H 1M1


We Are Open 7 Days

Sherbrooke : Everyday 5PM To 10PM Except Monday(Off).
Saint-Catherine:11.30AM-2PM & 5pm-11pm
Hours Might Differ On Special Occasion


For Pickup & Delivery

Contact: Sherbrooke: (514) 484-9252
Saint-Catherine:(514) 932-8330

Reviews about us

Lets find out what people say about us.

Birthday dinner

My daughter ordered several combos for my birthday dinner and it was a feast of everything flavorful and delicious! We are now eating "leftovers" and may I say these are the best "leftovers" I've ever eaten. Such good tastes. You are master chefs. Thank you.


Patricia Kirk

I have lunch here every day

Been going to this restaurant for years. The food is consistently excellent and far better than all the many other Indian restaurants I've tried. The curries are rich, vibrant and complex. They will adjust the heat level at your request right up to searing (Bangalore Phal), my favorite. So many other Indian restaurants have dishes that look dull and simply reheated. Not so at Star of India. The dishes always look freshly cooked and the curries have a wonderful, rich redness to them. As an added bonus the owners/staff are always most pleasant and friendly. The complementary papadums and carrots are worth the price of admission by themselves.


Stephen S.

Great service

Best Indian food in town!!! We’ve been coming here for years. The staff are always friendly and super cool. 🙏🏻


Lost River

Food is amazing!

Excellent meal! Lamb dishes highly recommended. Staff was very helpful and accommodating with us bringing a 9 month old. The restaurant is small and quaint. Very clean and calm atmosphere. Very highly recommended if you are looking for well priced authentic Indian cuisine.


Le Roux Theron

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