• Address:5860 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal
  • Working hours:17:00 - 22:00
  • Phone:(514) 484-9252
  • Email:info@etoiledesindes.com


  • Address:1806 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal
  • Working hours:11:30 - 23:00
  • Phone: (514) 932-8330
  • Email:info@etoiledesindes.com

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There is no love more sincere
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We are doing more than
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Star of India has been in Montreal for more than three decades. At that time frame, barely a few individuals and connoisseurs appreciated Indian cuisine. Nowadays, Indian cuisine is thriving in Montreal, because of its pioneering by few individual cuisines. One has to put “Star of India Restaurant” as one of the first runners, introducing Indian cuisine in Montreal’s Indian Restaurant Map. Because of its “Cordon Bleu” of culinary expertise, it has become immensely popular among dignitaries, politicians, people from entertainment industries and athletes . Our Menu offers a vast selection of traditional Indian dishes, with the accent on flavour. Whether you like your Indian mild, delicately spiced or hot, you will find exactly what you wish, because there is something for everybody at Star of India. If you are a Seafood lover, we can suggest fish and shrimp dishes; while for a Vegetarian, there are various choices of dishes and soups, all made with fresh vegetables from the market daily. Among the main courses, you will find a range of delicious Masala, Tandoori, Curry and other special dishes to suit every taste - each a perfect blend of herbs and spices. Choose from the very mild dishes, like the Butter Chicken or the Tandoori or from spicy dishes, like Beef Vindaloo, prepared with very hot chilies and lemon juice. To accompany your main course, choose from the range of delicious Indian breads: Nan, Paratha or Chapati; and there is the also options of vegetable side and rice dishes to make your meal complete. As a dessert, we provide, as part of your meal, an authentic gulab jamoon – which is a rose flavoured 'dough nuts' served with its sauce. At Star of India, there is also a bar where you can choose from wine and beer options, like Cheetah and Cobra. You can be assured that you'll find the right drink to accompany your meal - whatever the occasion. Join us to taste the real Indian tonight – where dining’s an adventure!


We are doing more than
you expect

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    We are located in Montreal city

    5864 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H4A 1X5 and
    1806 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, Quebec H3H 1M1

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    We Are Open 7 Days

    Sherbrooke : Everyday 5PM To 10PM Except Monday (Off).
    Saint-Catherine:11.30AM-2PM then 5PM-11PM
    Hours Might Differ On Special Occasion

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    For Pickup & Delivery

    Contact: Sherbrooke: (514) 484-9252
    Saint-Catherine:(514) 932-8330



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