L'Opinion de nos clients...  

"The Star of India is our family's favourite restaurant and we drive across the city to eat there. It's really worth it! It is some of the finest Indian cooking we have tasted, the menu is varied, the prices are good and the service is terrific. This is a sure to please meal out and you'll want to come back."

Linda Iarrera

"Star of India offers from mild to hot plates in order to satisfy everyone’s taste. That’s what I like about the restaurant, because while some people can’t stand spicy dishes, other just love them. They have excellent options for both. An excellent choice as main dish is the Butter Chicken which is mild, very succulent and comes with lots and lots of wonderful cream and yogurt sauce. It is absolutely delicious and unique. The sauce is perfect! I would also recommend the Spinach. To accompany the main dishes, there are different kinds of flat breads, all fresh made and outstanding. The large hot Nan bread is puffy and mouth-watering! Other than that, the service at Star of India is always very friendly, professional and most importantly, well-informed and helpful. I’ve tried several others, but always come back to them."

Alex Rodrigues

"I'm never dissapointed after a meal at the Star of India. They make the dishes the way I like them and the service is always excellent. I haven't been to another Indian restaurant since I started going there."

Phil Baker